Mr. Ahmadinejad Goes to New York

I don’t think we’ll see a debate. If he really wanted to debate W, he should have run against him in 2004.

There’s no “debate” about the Iranian nuclear program. The IAEA has already stated that Iran has “highly enriched uranium” and they’ve referred them to the UN Security Council for action.

Ahmadinejad is trying to frame this as an America Vs. Iran thing, when in reality it’s a World vs. Iran issue. Iran cannot be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

I’m actually looking forward to Ahmadinejad’s speech. I want him to tell the world how the Jews must be eliminated. In fact, if I was Bush and I was debating him on that, I’d skirt the entire issue of “sovereignty of nuclear programs” and first bring up Ahmadinejad’s comments about “Israel being wiped off the map” and challenge him. Should Israel be so obliterated? And if that is the case, wouldn’t nuclear weapons help in the genocide of those people? The why on Earth would anyone stand idly by while you built devices of genocide?

If Ahmadinejad denies wanting the destruction of Israel, he loses face. Press him on that issue. “If you do not want such destruction, why support Hezbollah? Why not pledge diplomatic support to remove all military assets from Hezbollah to secure peace between Lebanon and Israel?”

In fact, let me debate him. I’ll eat him for lunch.


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