PuffingTons Host: Fearlessly Hanging Out With Like-Minded Folk

So the new meme on the PuffingTons Host is being Fearless. Evidentially, there’s much to be afraid of. It’s a big list, so I’ll put in my newest feature here, and you can click it to continue.

Continue Enlightenment…

George W. Bush: Be fearless against his threats of imminent terrorism should the Democrats take control! Because pulling out of Iraq, ceding military authority to the UN, giving non-citizen terrorists rights on par with citizens, slashing the military and negotiation without threat really make us safer.

Republicans: Be fearless against the hate mongers by hanging out on a primarily liberal site, reading similar ideas and then professing your hate for W, Republicans, rednecks and Israelis. Because that really demonstrates your fearlessness.

Christians: Be fearless against the anti-choice crowd. Don’t let the “fear” that you may be harming a child stop you from harvesting fertilized eggs and using them for medical experiments! And we don’t use fear tactics when we tell women that middle-aged white men want to tell you what to do with your body!

Huffington Post: Together we are fearless! Especially when we selectively edit comments by conservatives and then find the one conservative blogger on the site and continuously cry for his removal!

Minorities: We must fearlessly reject the racist Republicans, even though our Democratically controlled urban centers have produced the biggest poverty zones in the country! We must fearlessly stand up for our minority brethren, then marginalize their leadership and call them “Uncle Tom” if they decide to be Republicans.

Taxes: We must fearlessly rescind the Bush tax cut as it’s done nothing but hurt the economy, outsource jobs, and create new jobs at Arby’s. Instead, we will fearlessly take more money from the citizens to be spent on pork projects in Washington that most of the people we’re taking the money from will never benefit from.

Fearlessness: On your way to sociopathy:

Research has shown that individuals with antisocial personality disorder are indifferent to the possibility of physical pain or many punishments, and show no indications that they experience fear when so threatened. This may explain their apparent disregard for the consequences of their actions, and their lack of empathy with the suffering of others.


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