Clintoon: Beating the Dead Horse

So Bill Clinton was out at a rally in St. Louis. He’s obviously pissed about the “Path to 9/11” movie, so he was energized enough to get out and do his best to point out the critical flaws of the past two election cycles:

“They’ve trotted that dog [National Security] out for the last three elections – and it’s got mange all over it,” Clinton told an enthusiastic crowd of about 2,000 packing the Pageant for a morning Democratic rally.

Bill– who’s won the past three elections (2004, 2002, and 2000)? Republicans. So the reason they keep bringing out that dog is that it’s a winner. It’s a proven winner. Why wouldn’t they stay on that winning message?

Clinton contended that the Republicans controlling the federal government for the past five years have talked tough but “basically ignored” the security improvements that the commission said were necessary.

“Let’s check all those cargo containers at ports and airports,” Clinton said. He then cited the congressional failure to allocate money for inspection equipment, because of concerns that it is too expensive.

How many sea ports do we have? How many millions of tons of containers come in from overseas daily? And he wants to manually inspect them all?

This issue worked wonders for John Kerry.

Such spending wouldn’t be a problem, he said, if Republicans would stop approving tax cuts for the wealthy. “Millionaires like me get our taxes cut like clockwork,” he said.

And what did he say about old dogs? Tax Cuts For the Rich has been the DNC platform since I can remember!

At a fundraising brunch later at the Chase Park Plaza, Clinton asserted that some Republicans use the terrorism issue to mask their chief aim of “concentrating wealth and power” into the hands of a few.

“They could give their crowd shovelfuls of money, as long as they kept America scared,” Clinton said. “They think government for special interests is good.”

OK, everyone who pardoned a multi-millionaire for tax evasion after his ex-wife donated generously to your legal defense and election funds, raise your hand.

I love it. Both sides with “special interests”. Get a clue! Everyone in D.C. is beholden to special interests because special interests have the money to get them reelected. Duh.

Leave it to the Clintoon to clearly illustrate the total failure that is the modern Democratic party.


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