Clintoon: Make Them Show AFHV for 3 Hours!

So, the Clintoon has attacked ABC with lawyers.

Bear in mind, he still hasn’t seen the “despicable” film. But he’s sure it’s “despicable” enough to hamper efforts to get him enshrined in every history book as a Presidential God.

He and his legal team are worried that this will tarnish his image. The movie will be what people remember about 9/11.

What an absolutely rediculous point. The Clintoon is so obsessed with Commiewood that he feels all history will revolve around what Commiewood says about history. What a 15-year old mentality.

Bill, historians write history, not screenwriters. He should have really let it slide. Now he just looks like a spoiled idiot who wants to cover up his past. A mature handling of the situation would have been to say, “You know, ABC has to stretch the truth to an extent. Some of those scenes never happened. They were dramatizations or composites, and I understand that. Just remember that they are taking liberties with the truth, and they don’t know the whole story, unlike the people who were really there.”

That’s it. That would have kicked ABC in the nuts. But now there’s a dustup and ABC is going to have a ratings winner here. Maybe. I mean, they are up against football (and Manning vs. Manning for that matter).

Clintoon really showed his true colors. Everything you don’t like must be handled with a lawsuit. It’s the ACLU, or the Sierra Club, or Greenpeace, or a union suing for something. And we all know America’s fascination with lawyers.

That’s OK. When Michael Moore’s “Sicko” is released before the election (in an attempt to inlfuence the election), we’ll hear the tired “Health Care for Everyone” mantra spring up. Again. Another dearth of ideas from the Democrats.


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