Feingold: Don’t Say Islamic fascist; Call Them Perturbed Equatorians

So Russ Feingold wants Bush to stop calling radicalized Muslims “Islamic fascists” because the term does not reflect the “overwhelming majority” of peaceful Muslims around the world. Like the peaceful Muslims in the Sudan who have implemented Sharia and have prohibited the showing of romance movies. Included in this story is James Zogby, furher of the Arab American Institute. I kid, of course. He’s not a furher. He says:

“It indicates no understanding of Islam, and it actually degrades the meaning of the word fascism,” Zogby said in an interview. “That’s not what fascism means. Fascism means national socialism. It doesn’t refer to a gang of criminal terrorists who are using a cult-like ideology to murder people.”

Well, I’ve done this before. Let’s summon the definition from a previous post:

A political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition (from Miriam-Webster)

So, let’s hit the checklist:
Exalting nation? If they consider themselves true Muslims, then as a nation of Muslims they are superior to other religions. Remember, the Koran says you should tolerate other religions. It says nothing about keeping them equal. Other religions are dhimmi, that is, lesser beings. So, Exalted Nation? Check
Race? In Sharia, Muslims better than non-Muslims. Master race better than other races. Check.
Centralized gov’t? Now, there’s nothing about the terrorists that’s centralized other than their ultimate goal. So you can’t really apply fascism here, as the terrorists are not a political body as a nation is.
Dictator? Terrorist say “Do this or die.” I’d say that’s pretty much the definition of someone telling you what to do. Check.
Economic & social regimentation? Sharia is all about this. Check.
Suppression of opposition? They’re attempting to kill the opposition. So, suppression, check.

Now, if you look at that checklist, they’re not an official fascist organization as they are not a nation. However, they do have fascist ideology all over their works and messages. So calling them Islamofascists or Islamic fascists is certainly applicable.

Now, I’m going to dig up one of Zogby’s PuffingTons blogs and pull a paragraph that’s important in this application:

I’m still angry. Angry, of course, at those terrorists who struck my country. But I’m angry, as well, at leaders both here and in the Arab world who failed to grasp the enormity of the moment and find ways to reach out across the deep divide that was exposed by 9/11.

When did the Arab world ever reach across the divide? Bush did his best to secure alliances around the globe. But he ran into a serious problem. You see, the Arab/Islamic community, while condemning 9/11, never condemned terrorism. They couldn’t, or they’d have to condemn Palestinians. So they had to stay silent. They couldn’t risk giving the Jews a pass. In essence, the Arab world joined sides with the terrorists in their silence, implicitly backing terrorism against the West through their inaction. How many radical clerics are there walking around in Saudi Arabia and Egypt? And their governments do nothing! Unless there is an imminent threat, they sit on their hands and close their eyes, hoping they don’t see the utter evil they’ve implicitly endorsed.

So don’t go playing the victim while Al Queda and their monetary backers live in your countries. Forgive us if the West feels frustrated, but we are. So many want to be “nice” and solve this via “diplomacy”. Did diplomacy stop terrorism in Israel? No, concessions stopped the terrorism. And only for a while. The Infitadah started back up, and this time they wanted all of Jerusalem.

Diplomacy was tried in WWII, and (I’m about to Godwin myself) it didn’t work. Hitler took and took and took until action was forced, and by that time France, Austria, Poland, Italy, and Spain we all under fascist control. In a similar vein, diplomacy has been attempted with terrorists. And it’s only worked in Northern Ireland (maybe it has something to do with both sides being Christian). There are no “suicide bomb martyrs” in Christianity. Martyrs get stoned to death. St. Stephen didn’t blow himself up on a bus.

How do you negotiate with people who blow up themselves on a bus? Answer: you don’t. And that’s the fundamental flaw with any reasoning that seeks out a diplomatic resolution to the problem of Islamofascism. You can’t negotiate with people who’s sole purpose is to order you around under pain of death. That’s what a dictator does.

And lo and behold, that’s what terrorists do.

The label “Islamic fascist” works. If the Islamic world is all bent out of shape about its use, then prosecute the radicals who are giving your Religion of Peace a bad name. Otherwise, drop the veil and declare what this is: Islam vs. the World.


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