Air America Makes Progessives Go "AH-derrrrrr"

If you haven’t heard, Air America is in bankruptcy. Who broke the story? Think Progress. Check out the headline.

“Air America to Declare Bankruptcy, but Progressive Radio to Remain Strong”

Analogy: Mr. Patient, you have terminal cancer, but other than that, you’re in perfect health!

This “reorganization” bankruptcy would be understandable if Air America was some kind of financial giant.

Delta Airlines “reorganizes” under a bankruptcy. Donald Trump “reorganizes” under a bankruptcy. It’s a shuffling of assets, but between Delta and Trump we know they have gobs of cash there to back them up. Air America? We’ve known they’ve been bankrupt (morally and financially) for some time now. You can all thank Brian Maloney at the Radio Equalizer and his accomplice in this manner, Michelle Malkin. (I’ve linked to Michelle’s long list of posts regarding the shenanigans at Air America). Radio equalizer is a fun read, but I worry about Brian. What’s he going to do when Air America folds?

As for Sheldon “Whaddya mean I wasted my 401k?” Drobny, eccentric co-founder of Air America, he’s nowhere to be found on the PuffingTons Host. So, let’s see what his last entry was.

Sheldon says on 9/11/06:

On 9/11/01 my immediate reaction to the events of that day was about the same as most people. I was shocked and traumatized by what I had been watching. The horror of seeing the WTC buildings collapse was a sight I will never forget. I was afraid that tens of thousands would have died from that and I was actually relieved that 3000 were killed instead of the approximately 25,000 that I expected.

Today, the 5th anniversary of that event, I have a far different perspective about the events before and after that date. I think, “Where the hell has my money gone? What the hell was I thinking? Come on– Al Franken? Al-Freakin’ Franken? Holy crap do I need my head examined. I’m out nearly all of my cash. I’m going to spending my retirement selling tacos in Tijuana. Oh yeah. And I’m sad 9/11 happened.

Ok, ok. I added some stuff. But you know he had to be thinking it.


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