Dutch Prime Minister: Sharia? I Love It When She Shakes Her Hips!

(hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

I was reading this article about the Dutch Justice Minister saying that Sharia is possible if it’s what the nation wants.

Michelle rips into the guy, and I agree to an extent. But there’s something that needs to be said that wasn’t really said here.

Continue Enlightenment…

Ok, first, Sharia sucks. Women in burkhas, men in towels, non-Muslims not given equal rights, so on and so forth. But the Justice Minister has a point. The Netherlands is a democracy. When the people decide the governance of their country, the majority rules. If the majority wants Sharia law, they should get it.

Now, as an American, I’ll pull out my pocket Constitution and say, “Whoa, Nelly! Not so fast there Ackhmed.”

Each country is established by a constitution. It’s the “contract” of formation, so to speak. It basically says that all the people in the country essentially agree that the country should be run in said fashion. Our Constitution is quite famous for separation of powers and establishment of rights.

The Dutch constitution (found here in pdf format), however, has a problem with Sharia law right from the get go:

Article 1: All persons in the Netherlands shall be treated equally in equal
circumstances. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political
opinion, race or sex or on any other grounds whatsoever shall not be

Ok, that’s a problem. But hey, you can amend constitutions, right?

Article 3: All Dutch nationals shall be equally eligible for appointment to public

Change to: Unless you’re chromosomal base lacks a Y chromosome.

Article 5: Everyone shall have the right to submit petitions in writing to the
competent authorities.

See article 3

Article 6: Everyone shall have the right to profess freely his religion or belief,
either individually or in community with others, without prejudice to his
responsibility under the law.

Add: except if your preaching Christianity, then we cut out your tongue.

Article 7:No one shall require prior permission to publish thoughts or opinions
through the press, without prejudice to the responsibility of every person
under the law.

Unless it’s a picture of Muhammed PBUH. That really pisses us off.

Artcile 15: Other than in the cases laid down by or pursuant to Act of Parliament,
no one may be deprived of his liberty.

Unless it’s an honor killing. Then it’s OK. Women being property and all that jazz.

So that’s just the Rights you get with the Constitution, and those fly directly in the face of Sharia. So, how will this go down?

I’ll tell you. When Muslims get the majority in the Netherlands, they will start electing Muslim politicians, who will in turn start amending the constitution to suit Sharia. Note: when that starts to happen, non-Muslims better bust their butts out of there to a different country. The courts won’t have any of it, but you’ll start seeing riots. Beheadings. The foreign press moaning that the poor Muslims are being oppressed. Mondo terrorism, too. Netherlands will become a hell-hole.

So, get your but to Amsterdam while you still can for legal drugs, hookers, and other pleasures of the flesh. Because soon enough, you’re going to find that Mullah Azar is running the show, and he wants to see all your women in burkhas.


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