From the "Wasting Our M-F’n Time" Files.. a Double Header!

(Above quote is a classic line spoken by Al Pacino in “Heat”)

Do you know who Ali G is? Or Borat? Well you should. Why?

Because he’s forcing the government of Khazakstan to fight his “lies” about their country with PR agents. Seriously. The President of Khazakstan is actually going to meet with Bush to discuss… an English television personality. He’s worried that Borat is ruining Khazakstan in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Dude, we’re the in the middle of a war, here. You think you can hold off on your little PR tantrum while we kill some terrorists?

Now, for part II: George Clooney is going to address the UN Security Council.

Granted George is going to be talking about Darfur. And he has been there. Well, close by. He spent time last April visiting Darfuri refugees and complaining about his back.

WTF is wrong with the world when to get attention on something as serious as Darfur we have to bring in Dr. Doug Ross? I wonder what he’s going to talk about. Hopefully he’ll drop the M-bomb and the J-bomb and the S-bomb and the EC-bomb on the council. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my colorful metaphors, that’s Muslims, Janjaweed (Arab assassins), Sharia, and Ethnic Cleansing.

I have every hope for George to really hammer home that Extreme Islam is why Darfur is suffering and that something should be done to fix it. Stop it. Ban it from the Earth. Something like that. But we’ll see how he frames it.

And, George, if you’re reading this, I really dug “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”. Send me a head shot. We’ll do lunch.


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