It’s Katrina! No, wait! That’s Katrina! No, my bad. Oooh, What about that one?

True to form, the tropics have picked up steam in September. We’ve got 3 named storms out the Atlantic.

First, there’s Gordo. He’s a small, compact, Cat 3 Hurricane. Over open water. Heading North. Soon to be extratropical.

Then there’s Helene. She’s behind Gordon by few hundred miles. And she’s a big ol’ sloppy tropical storm. But her projected path takes her over open waters. No big deal

Finally, you have near Mexico another tropical storm. This one is Lane. Lane’s going to be a minimal hurricane by the time it hits Baja.

So, what’s the big deal? Why do I bring this up? Because the media has been reporting on these guys and they desperately want another Katrina. They ache in their bones for some natural disaster like that. Katrina left good TV– government foul ups, bodies, racism, Bush in a jet– it was fabulous!

But now we have a lackluster hurricane season. Best action was with Ernesto, and he was a total bore. What can we use to bring up the threat of global warming?

Even the temperatures aren’t cooperating. We thought it was going to be a hot one. Well, we were wrong. Only the second hottest summer on record. Man, that sucks! How can we prove global warming if we can’t even beat records from 1936?


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