Laurie "Hot Blooded" David Censors Science

Over at the PuffingtonsHost you’ll find Laurie David, wife of Larry David, the “Curb Your Enthusiasm”/”Seinfeld” guru. Laurie has been a staunch advocate of the “stop global warming” crowd for a long time now. But she has a disturbing habit of misunderstanding science, in particular, the scientific method.

Here’s Laurie’s latest rant:

Continue enlightenment…

How is it possible, after a year of extensive media coverage, numerous scientific studies, and An Inconvenient Truth, you are still offering global warming reports that mislead and confuse the American public? Tuesday, when reporting on the new findings by the American Meteorological Society linking global warming to hurricane ferocity, you immediately undermined the report by giving equal weight to the one “skeptic” who says it just ain’t so.

No credible peer-reviewed scientist in the world disagrees any longer that the globe is warming and that humans are causing it. The science is indisputable yet you continue to include in every story the disclaimer that “skeptics disagree.” This time you quote Dr. William Gray, one of the very last holdouts, saying that global warming is “manufactured.” Grey’s opinion gets equal weight with the overwhelming worldwide scientific consensus on global warming. This is not only irresponsible reporting; it is, at this point in time, with so much at stake and the clock ticking, downright unethical. Giving the issue no coverage at all would be better than this.

Who’s that skeptic? Dr. William Gray has been a leader in hurricane research for 40 years. What we know about hurricanes and their formation is largely due to Dr. Gray’s research. In addition, Dr. Gray’s predictions of hurricane activity have been remarkable accurate.

However, Laurie David wants to squash his opinion as that of a “holdout”. Gray’s opinion gets equal weight with “overwhelming worldwide consensus”. Well, sure it does. Just as Einstein would get his say with people doing research on general relativity. Just as Jarvick would get his say on new models of the artificial heart. Just as Darwin would get his say with people in his field studying genetics.

He’s earned the right to be a pillar of the climate research field.

Now, this isn’t the first time Laurie David has recommended censoring prominent researchers. Here are some others she wants ostracized from the scientific community because they don’t agree with the “consensus”:

Dr. Patrick Michaels, who’s earned David’s ire here and here. Bear in mind Michaels has 30 years of experience in climate studies. And he acknowledges that mankind is warming the globe, but does not believe it will be the catastrophic change many researchers see with their computer models. (Gray gives his opinion of computer models here.)

Richard Lindzen. Professor at MIT. And idiot, according to David.

Dr. Michael Crichton. David thinks of him:

It is a shame that Crichton has been willing to destroy his reputation to help spread propaganda and lies for the oil industry…

So, you have three Ph.Ds and one M.D. that is getting reamed by Mrs. David. And she has the following excellent qualifications for battling this experts in their fiel

Before working full time on environmental and political issues, Ms. David had a distinguished career in entertainment spanning two coasts. She began her career in New York City as a talent coordinator for the David Letterman show. Four years later she left to start her own management company, representing many of today’s top comedians as well as comedy writers. She also produced several comedy specials for HBO, Showtime, MTV, and Fox Television. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Ms. David became vice president of comedy development for a division of Fox Broadcasting and developed sitcoms for Twentieth Century Television. In the summer of 1998, Ms. David produced her first feature film, Sour Grapes.

So, like a good liberal whackjob, Mrs. David wants to silence the opinions of others if they disagree with her own. Even though it’s clear she has absolutely no qualifications to debate these men. Only her opinion.


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