Muslims are Benedict’d Off

It took me way to long to come up with that snazzy title.

From the article:

Questioning the concept of holy war, he quoted a 14th-Century Christian emperor who said Muhammad had brought the world only “evil and inhuman” things.

Now, this is a quote. And Benedict clearly indicated in his speech that this was a quote. And from what he had said, he was basically railing against any Holy War.

But Benedict forgot something about Muslims– they get pissed easily. They get pissed at cartoons, fake stories about Korans and toilets, and about what the Israeli PM had for breakfast. “Wheaties! How dare he eat wheaties! I bet he was even facing Mecca while eating the accursed cereal!”

From the article:

A senior Pakistani Islamic scholar, Javed Ahmed Gamdi, said jihad was not about spreading Islam with the sword. Turkey’s top religious official asked for an apology for the “hostile” words. In Indian-administered Kashmir, police seized copies of newspapers which reported the Pope’s comments to prevent any tension.

Gamdi is right about Jihad. It’s not about spreading Islam with the sword. That requires conversion. Jihad is all about killing the infidel — more genocide than evangelism.

Turkey’s top official could get an apology, but the emperor (not even a pope!) who said those words died 700 years ago.

And the Indians at least understand that saying anything negative about Islam will result in marches, riots, and a general lack of personal hygiene (worse than normal!).

Benedict said “I quote” twice to stress the words were not his and added that violence was “incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul”.

Upon hearing about what the pope said, Muslims organized riots. Protestors burned churches. Christians were killed. A top Iranian mullah said, “We’ll show you that violence is incompatible with Islam! Jihad!”

I made that last paragraph up. But I am 90% sure we’ll see protest marches around the world about this particular speech.


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