Muslims Go Crazy: Riot, Burn Effigies of the Pope to Prove They’re Non-Violent

Man, did I call it or what? I said that the Islamic fruitcakes would start marching against the Pope and burning effigies and lo and behold, they are.

Let me do a side-by-side comparison.

From Britain’s Rhamadan Foundation:

“The late Pope John Paul II spent over 25 years to build bridges and links with the Muslim community. He showed the world that its perception of Islam was false and that we are peace-loving people.

And now, let’s play the race card:

Muhammad Umar, chairman of the foundation, said: “This attack on Islam and Prophet Muhammad by Pope Benedict is recognition that he has fallen into the trap of the bigots and racists when it comes to judging Islam on the actions of a small number of extreme elements.”

Just like the Taliban were not racist when they forced Jews to wear different clothing identifying them as Jews? Just as in the Muslim texts it states that non-Muslims are not to be granted the rights of a Muslim?

Pakistan’s parliament condemned the “derogatory” remarks today and demanded an apology. The country’s foreign ministry said they were “regrettable” and claimed they would encourage violence.

Translation: we just can’t stop ourselves from going apesh*t.

But Turkey’s top Islamic cleric Ali Bardakoglu asked Benedict to apologise and made a string of accusations against Christianity, raising tensions ahead of a planned papal visit to the country in November.

We don’t hear what those accusations are, of course. But the Pope’s quote is repeated twice in the article.

Oh, and there’s more “moderation” from the Religion of Peace:

“Benedict, the author of such unfortunate and insolent remarks, is going down in history for his words,” said [Tayyip Erdogan]. “He is going down in history in the same category as leaders such as (Adolf) Hitler and (Benito) Mussolini.”

Godwin! Godwin! So, effectively quoting a 14th century emperor (note that the Pope wasn’t the author here) = Hitler.

I’ll tell you what Tayyip. You want to see a new Hitler? Check out what Ahmadinejad’s been saying about Israel. Oh, that’s right, you don’t condemn other Muslims when they call for genocide, because, you know, it’s all Muhammed-like.

Turkey’s staunchly secular opposition party also demanded that Benedict apologize to Muslims before his visit to Turkey.

“The pope has thrown gasoline onto the fire … in a world where the risk of a clash between religions is high,” said Haluk Koc, deputy head of the Republican People’s Party, as a small group of protesters left a black wreath in front of the Vatican’s embassy in Ankara.

What? There was a fire? Evidently the Muslims are already pissed at the Vatican. I guess JPII drew a cartoon of Muhammed in 1988.

In Beirut’s most senior Shiite Muslim cleric denounced the remarks Friday and demanded the pope personally apologize for insulting Islam.

“We do not accept the apology through Vatican channels … and ask him (Benedict) to offer a personal apology — not through his officials — to Muslims for this false reading (of Islam),” Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah told worshippers in his Friday prayers sermon.

If he does not, then a fatwah on his head! Right? Go all Salmon Rushdie on the Pope?

But anger still swept across the Muslim world, with Pakistan’s parliament unanimously adopting a resolution condemning the pope for making what it called “derogatory” comments about Islam, and seeking an apology from him.

And Iran’s statement to “wipe Israel off the map”? Or the PLO’s charter to push the Jews into the sea? *crickets* *crickets* That’s what I thought.

In Cairo, about 100 demonstrators gathered in an anti-Vatican protest outside the al-Azhar mosque, chanting “Oh Crusaders, oh cowards! Down with the pope!”

And just how many Christian protesters were there when Centanni & his friend were forced at gunpoint to convert to Islam? The condemnation? Nothing.

Their silence speaks volumes.


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