Drobny Watch- Day VI!

Well, another day, another dodge by Shel about what’s really happening with Air America. His claim to fame was setting up this network. So why not at least feign some interest in what’s happening to the network? Tell us what’s going on. Why isn’t Al Franken getting paid?

But enough of the real stories. Or even the new stories. Shel’s got a new post on the PuffingTons Host where he does what only 2nd season sit-coms do– he has a clip show!

I’ve been blogging for a month now, so that makes me an expert. Sheldon, you don’t repost your stuff. You link to it. Reposting is for comments sections. It’s cheap. It’s an insult to your readers. But then again, you did start Air America, which was pretty much an insult to any of your listeners, too. (“I can listen to Al Franken for 3 hours. Why can’t anyone else?”)

UPDATE: So, I left a message for Sheldon, asking about Air America and its financial woes, but guess what– PuffingTon Host comment moderators have “delayed” it– that is, they leave it in the “unapproved” pile until the post gets two days old, then they post it. Or they may not even post it. Laurie David doesn’t see what I write anymore, either.

UPDATE II: My comment made it, finally. There were 14 posts when I checked last, and 18 posts now (6:00 PM CDT), and four are following my post. So, I’m not imagining things.


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