Kick the Pope While He’s Up

When I read the PuffingTons Host, I’m reminded of a pickup traveling down a bumpy road a night. It stops, the driver leaning out of the window to shout, “Hey Harley, we’re going to go kick the crap out of some Jooooooz, or some Mex-E-Cans, or some Cath-O-Licks! Get yer gun and get in!” So in they all jump, driving off, half-cocked, to wage a battle without any real understanding of the context of what they are fighting.

Michael Patrick King mischaracterizes divorce, abortion, and homosexuality and their views from the Church in the typical, lazy, prejudiced manner of the modern “progressive”. Of course, were we to stereotype gays, blacks, or jews in such a manner, they would be the first demanding my explusion to the gulag.

Martin Lewis gives a cutesy little “quick question” type of post, conveniently leaving out Christians & Jews, who have been going on murderous rampages because the Muslims have been burning effigies of the Pope. What’s that? We haven’t. Oh yeah. My bad.

Bill Press wants to know what the hell the Pope was thinking. I have an idea, Bill. Read the speech. Novel, eh?

And RJ Eskow goes on to explain why the Pope treats Muslims like “niggers“. Great. Again, an viewpoint of complete ignorance of the content of the speech. What’s worse is that he claims to have read the speech, and then goes on to totally miss what the Pope was getting at. And then he equates it with such a derogatory term. I suspect there was AquaNet and a match involved in this particular post.

There’s no condemnation of the slaying of Sr. Lonella, a nun who has been doing medical missionary work in Somalia for years. Or the “war” that’s been declared on a statement by a long-dead emperor. Or the worldwide death threats the Pope has been getting. And I’m not talking Sinead O’Connor tearing up a picutre of the Pope sytle death threats. These don’t come from the fringe. They come from the spiritual leadership.

But, you know, Christians are wrong.. for everything they’ve ever done, so says the bloggers at the PuffingTons Host. The Muslims? Their blanket rage is perfectly acceptable.

EDIT: The DU? Why, nothing at all about Muslim anti-Pope violence.

And what of DailyKos? Too obsessed with politics and stopping the war to notice the jihadis going nuts.


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