Ahmadinejad Watch! Drobny Special Edition!

Drobny Watch has been prempted by…

So our pal Ahmadinejad was at the UN today. He had some choice words for the US. He’s sounding like the Iranian equivalent of William Wallace. “You give us sanctions, but you will never take.. our nuclear weapons program!”

I doubt ol’ Ahmie can shoot lightning out of his arse, tho. But I’m pretty sure he gets into some anti-Semitic rants when he’s drunk. It’ll make the rants he goes into while sober make a Himler blush.

But it looks like any sort of sanctions are going to be sabotage by France. Come on, Chirac. WTF? France’s diplomatic reliability lately sucks. First they propose 2000 troops, then they send 1/10 of that number. France, England and Germany were at the forefront of Iranian negotiations for years. Finally it goes to the UNSC, with the IAEA recommending that the UNSC take action if Iran does not suspend uranium enrichment. Guess what? They’re still enriching uranium. And it’s the middle of September! Oh, did we mention the IAEA’s detection of weapons-grade uranium? It’s all for peaceful use, mind you.

France is looking like they’re going to buckle to Iranian pressure. I can only assume it’s about oil. It’s the only real export Iran has. That and terrorists. And the terrorism market in France is quite bearish.

If you’re Ahmadinejad, you’ve got to be pretty happy. You’re walking around New York like the Toast of the Town (even if your intention is to Toast the Town with a nuke one day). The Arab world sees him as the guy who went to the US, told Bush where to go, and the UN, and then came back to Iran to flowers and sausages. All of his neighbors must be diggin’ his bitchin’ Camaro.

The weakness on Iran underscores the problems we have with the War on Terror in general. The US is the only country that really has great resolve in fighting terrorism (and Australia, too). Resolve in Britain, France, Germany– it’s waning. It’s politically easy to hide behind a diplomats table and then shrug when Ahmie’s got a nuclear roll of quarters in his pocket. But that just puts the entire Middle East in jeopardy. We have to see the threat for what it is.


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