Dictator Chavez Says: Modern Liberalism Has It Right!

You know you’re in it deep when Hugo Chavez holds up the book of one of your icons at the UN to criticize a sitting President.

Yes, that book is Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance by Noam Chomsky. In Spanish.

Chavez, Ahmadinejad, a rep from Kim Jong “Fire some missiles randomly!” Il, and Fidel Castro were at a summit in Cuba recently, and there they all denounced US imperialism. And I think they all brought their copies of the aforementioned book.

So, let’s see. Three dictators and a religious fanatic get together in Cuba to condemn the United States. And then Chavez shows up and waves around a copy of a progressive manifesto. Can we say what we’ve all been thinking? The “loony left” in this country is on the side of dictators and lunatics and are actively supporting the destruction of America by violent means?

But back the UN, Chavez criticized the US for being an imperialist country. He actually said, according to Drudge, ‘Yankee imperialists go home!’ Yes. We are certainly imperialists. We just added Tazmania as a state, and enslaved their people while raping their country for natural resources. Oh, wait a minute, we haven’t done anything like that.

But that doesn’t stop the chants from the loony left. Just look at Harry Bellafonte and Cindy Sheean, both who took time to go the Venezuela and give big warm fuzzies to Chavez. Of course, they didn’t move to Venezuela, because Chavez has been an authoritarian dictator. But it’s sure is nice to hug people who agree with you, even if they are authoritarian dictators. If you have any doubt about Chavez’s record as a dictator, you can ask Amnesty International.

So we now have a clear link. Can we start running campaign commercials with this video in it? Please?

Related: Michelle Malkin‘s got some reminder pictures up, plus a bigger, better picture of Chavez, trying to get a book club going at the UN.


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