Hungary: Revolution In Progress

Here’s a tip to all aspiring politicians out there: don’t lie and then later admit it.

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany (I didn’t think there was a world leader with a harder name to spell than Ahmadinejad, but he’s fierce competition) has admitted to lying to win the election.

And what do you know? People are rioting in the streets!

How refreshing. People who actually care about their politics. In America, we have been so conditioned to having our chains yanked that we don’t look twice when a politician is indicted.

Here in America, we’ve got the political lingo down. Was Kerry lying when he said, “I voted against the Iraq war before I voted against it!” Was Bush 41 lying when he said “Read my lips! No new taxes!” Was Bush 43 lying when he said Iraq had WMDs? Was Al Gore lying when he said temperatures have never been higher on the planet?

And the response to each query by Joe Average American is ‘eh’, *shrug*. We’re more concerned with what’s happening to Paris Hilton than what Paris is doing to us over sanctions on Iran. We’ve been labotomized by entertainment, amusement, and anything else we can get our hands on to escape the rigors of everyday life. Which is funny, because our “rough days” are days that are envied by 4/5 of the Earth’s population.

Seriously, do you think some destitute man in Calcutta would really be bitching about his life if he was stuck in his BMW on the 405 for an extra hour becuase of traffic? Do you think he’d whine and moan and curse his leaders if the gas for his Escalade cost an extra 10 cents a gallon? Our country is in desperate need of some perspective.

We had perspective for a brief, shocking moment on 9/11. We had clarity for a very short time, before we descended back into our malaise. We were the nation of our fathers and grandfathers, the guardians of peace and liberty. We were proud for one brief shining moment in time. Before Paris Hilton. Before Fashion Week. Before we were more concerned with Lance Armstrongs alleged doping than genocide in Sudan.

The riots in Budapest are understandable. I commend the protestors. They should be pissed off. They remember what its like to have a government that oppresses. They don’t take their freedom for granted, and those that abuse their freedom are cast from their perch.

And here in America? 40% of the population prepares to vote in November for their respective, tired political parties.


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