Ian Williams: Bush Should Say All World Problems Fault of the Jews

So, you have the Nation’s Ian Williams analyzing Bush’s speech at the UN. And, of course, he’s upset that Bush “glossed over” the real problem in the Middle East, a problem which, he says, Kofi Annan directly addressed. Here’s what he quotes from Kofi:

But Annan had a firmer grip on the truth in his address to the Assembly that preceded the President’s. “As long as the Security Council is unable to end this [Israeli-Palestinian] conflict, and the now nearly forty-year-old occupation, by bringing both sides to accept and implement its resolutions, so long will our impartiality be questioned,” he said. “So long will our best efforts to resolve other conflicts be resisted, including those in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

So, until the “Jew Problem” is fixed, there’s going to be violence in the Middle East. I think it’s clear what Kofi wants– Israel to retreat, preferably to Utah, or maybe even into the Mediterranean. Either way, there ain’t gonna be no peace until dem Joooooz stop resisting the Arab drive to destroy them.

Continue enlightenment…

And Ian Williams is right behind– Kofi! Ian says:

Bush’s invocation of the envoys of Iraq and Afghanistan seated in the General Assembly as representing elected governments, compared to when he spoke five years ago, may be accurate. But he was silent on the powerlessness of those governments to actually govern. The Lebanese in particular are unlikely to recognize his depiction of their “homes and communities…caught in the crossfire”–in light of the Bush-supported blitz that was actually mounted against their country. “We see your suffering,” the President said, but he failed to explain why he did nothing to stop it for a long month of bombing and shelling from Israel.

Ah, the militarily aggressive Jooooz are to blame! Not the Hezbollah militants firing rockets into civilian areas from civilian areas. Not the Hezbollah thugs who are getting resupplied from Syria and Iran. No, of course, the Israeli invasion was an invasion of Lebanon, not an attack against Hezbollah. Remember all those armed encounters between Israeli and Lebanese regulars? Oh, that’s right. There weren’t any.

Ian continues:

His remarks on Iran were also remarkable for a selective view of reality. “Iran must abandon its nuclear weapons ambitions. Despite what the regime tells you, we have no objection to Iran’s pursuit of a truly peaceful nuclear power program. We’re working toward a diplomatic solution to this crisis,” Bush noted, without explaining why the UN’s nuclear watchdog last week reprimanded the Administration for gross exaggeration of the very slender evidence of an actual weapons program.

Iran’s not working towards a nuclear weapons program! Of course not. That’s why they’ve repeatedly defended their right to build nuclear weapons– because they’re not building them!

And the Palestinian PM front-runner says:

Hanan Ashrawi, mentioned as possible foreign minister of a new coalition Palestinian Authority, criticized Bush’s “very simplified view of the Middle East.” Ashrawi summed up the American President’s speech, describing it as “more of the same. It contained no concrete proposals to deal with crucial issues, the boundaries, the settlement…. Right now Kofi is speaking out on the issues. I wish he had done it earlier.”

Kofi talked about the real problem in the Middle East. Them darn Joooooz. And Ian is nodding along, agreeing that the problem isn’t Muslim extremism and state-sponsored bigotry of non-Muslims, but instead it’s that small strip of land that the Joooooz live on. Yes, that must be the problem!

Sometimes you really have to just sit back and marvel at modern progressives and their complete denial of the racism, bigotry, and totalitarianism of radical Islam. With essays like these, it’s no wonder Bush is rebounding in the polls.


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