Bizzaro Rangel/Pelosi Take Over Congress

It was linked on Drudge that Rep. Charlie Rangel blasted Hugo Chavez, calling Bush “his President”. Ha!

And then Pelosi is doing the same thing.

Did I wake up in Bizzaro world?

Of coure not. What is happening though is an absolute panic and damage control measure, instigated by Hugo Chavez last night when he held up a book by Noam Chomsky at the UN and proceeded to call Bush “the Devil”.

There are so many layers of irony here, it’s hard to touch on each one.

The fuel behind this particular bonfire is the book written by a mainstream progressive. This is a guy that the Progressive Left has been reading and lionizing for years. But the fact the very issues that Chavez lauded are the same talking points the Democrats have been mouthing for the past 6 years strikes fear into the heart of the DNC.

You can’t use the same talking points as an anti-American dictator. By Chavez owning these words, it makes the Democrats sound like they want Bush replaced– with Chavez, a notorious and brutal dictator!

So, natch, Pelosi and Rangel are out there blasting Chavez in an attempt to distance themselves from the dictatorial goon. They have to. If they don’t, it’s political suicide. What they need is a time machine to go back to yesterday and steal Chavez’s speech and replace it with the ISO 9000 compliance manual, so nobody in the press can understand it, nor talk about it in the news.

But calling Bush the Devil (make not doubt about it– this is no small insult, it’s not just “a devil”, we’re talking El Diablo– Satan himself) while you’re waving around a Chomsky text is classic.

In one fell swoop Chavez did what most of America has known for the past 6 years– illuminated the liberal base as anti-American.

Good bye, 2006 midterms. Or anything else for that matter. If you’ve said one thing on the public record that sounds anti-American, you can expect a side-by-side comparison commercial hitting the airwaves any day now. Democrats=Chavez. Ouch.

Bush should send Hugo a fruit basket.


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