Cooler Oceans Mean Global Warming!

A recent study of ocean temperatures indicated that the temperatures in the ocean have declined, even though global temperatures have remained at very high levels.

This seems to be consistent with what Dr. Bill Gray has been saying– that global temperatures are do to ocean current variations rather than carbon dioxide increases.

Looking at the recount of the story, we read this:

The temperature drop, a small fraction of the total warming seen in the last 48 years, suggests that global warming trends can sometimes take little dips…

“This research suggests global warming isn’t always steady, but happens with occasional ‘speed bumps,'” said study co-author Josh Willis, a researcher at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “This cooling is probably natural climate variability. The oceans today are still warmer than they were during the 1980s, and most scientists expect the oceans will eventually continue to warm in response to human-induced climate change.”

OK, sound reasonable. Especially if there’s a valid reason to the ocean cooling. So the article then says:

Researchers have not yet identified the cause of ocean cooling in the last three years but hope that further studies will clarify this anomaly.

Some say it could be due to events such as volcanic eruptions, but the reasons need to be looked at still, Willis said.

What?! If you don’t know the cause of the cooling, then how can you possibly make a conclusion that the ocean temperature will continue to rise? It’s piss-poor scientific reasoning, because here you have a 3-year cooling trend in the oceans that cannot be accounted for by ice-melting alone, yet the scientists are willing to conclude that even in the face of this clear contradictory data, global warming is still causing the oceans and the planet to warm up. That’s not scientific reasoning because it’s not based on data, but belief.

As I tell my students, analyze the data and then conclude. Don’t conclude and then manipulate the data to fit your conclusions.


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