New Word: Swiftboating

No, I’m not talking about driving that really big speedboat of Don Johnson’s in “Miami Vice”. We’re talking progressive catch phrase. From Taylor Marsh at the PuffingTons Host:

We at the Patriot Project are committed to shedding light on the front groups whose participants operate out of the light of day.

However, the swiftboating of Americans for exercising his or her right to free speech is just as important. That’s why the upcoming event to swiftboat Rep. John Murtha, which will be held on October 1, 2006, has drawn our attention. The participants are rumored to include the original swiftboating man himself, John O’Neill, though he’s not been formally announced yet.

Vets for Truth is the front group sponsoring this little shindig, but not without some very powerful help.

Now it looks like XM radio hosts Quinn & Rose, Jim Quinn and Rose Somma Tennent, are joining in on the swiftboating fun, with the added plus of politicizing our national tragedy, 9/11, through the outreach of XM radio. I’ve got to ask why a decorated Vietnam veteran and senior member of Congress is being swiftboated just for speaking out and using his right of free speech? That XM radio is sponsoring such an event, through the publicized appearances of their hosts Quinn & Rose, is quite an endorsement. Vets for Truth really scored on this one.

By bringing XM radio into the mix, the “Boot Murtha” folks ratchet up the swiftboating audience quite a bit, because nothing reaches out like radio. After all, “Boot Murtha” will get a much bigger audience with XM’s help, though they’ve only got satellite radio outreach. Not to worry, Vets for Truth has that covered too.

Quinn & Rose is also carried by Clear Channel, the biggest radio behemoth of them all, through station 104.7 FM in Pittsburgh. Other syndicated hosts on this station have included Glenn Beck, Neal Boortz, and Sean Hannity, as well as Rush Limbaugh. Got audience? I’ll say. Vets for Truth really knows how to pick’ em, don’t they?

XM plus Clear Channel equals a huge local outreach. But it doesn’t stop there. If you don’t know the history of Clear Channel, you might find this little blast to the past very educational.

You have to wonder if the advertisers of the Quinn & Rose radio show know they’re helping to host a swiftboating rally targeting a decorated veteran. Rep. John Murtha has a lot of support in the veteran community, as well as soldiers currently serving today, of both political parties. If you live in or near Pittsburgh you might want to call the Quinn & Rose sponsors and ask. It would be interesting to know how the affiliates feel, too.

Someone get that woman a thesaurus. And a dictionary. I’m tired of hearing made-up “intellecualized” catch phrases permeating our society. “Swiftboating” is just the latest word to arrive from the so-called intellectuals degrading our language.

My personal pet peeve is “homophobia”. Break down the roots: homo means same, and phobia is the “fear of-“. So “homophobia” is the “fear of the same”. So, when people talk about “homophobia”, they should really be deathly afraid of identical twins and eating something new every meal of the week.

“Swiftboating” also sounds diabolical. “Manny, we know you’re a police snitch. Now you’re going to get swiftboated,” says Fat Tony. It’s a political coup. Essentially, it’s what John O’Neil and the Swift Boat Veterans did to John Kerry. Well, that’s the progressive viewpoint. Another way of looking at it: it’s what John Kerry did to himself, and the Swift Boat Vets were there to illuminate his past.

According to the Wikipedia entry on “swiftboating”:

Swiftboating is American political jargon for an ad hominem attack against a public figure, coordinated by an independent or pseudo-independent group, usually resulting in a benefit to an established political force. Specifically, this form of attack is controversial, easily repeatable, and difficult to verify or disprove because it is generally based on personal feelings or recollections.

Sounds very shady indeed. In fact, you’d think the Swift Boat Vets were the Bavarian Illuminati themselves!

Truth is, John Kerry was a staunch Vietnam War opponent. He did things like throw (other peoples) medals (ribbons) over the White House fence, testify in Congress about the atrocities our troops were(n’t) committing, and join peace rallies with “Hanoi” Jane Fonda. Then the man wanted to become Commander-in-Chief of the same troops he held with such contempt when he was an officer. The Swift Boat Vets were instrumental in revealing just how Kerry got his purple hearts “on the cheap”, twice receiving shrapnel injuries from unintentional self-inflicted wounds (essentially, firing a grenade launcher at close range). I don’t think illuminating such activities deserves to be given such an evil-sounding moniker.

As for Jack Murtha, his war record is impressive. Far better than most. However, Murtha seems to have abandoned the “Esprit du corps” that the fighting services share. Especially the US Marine Corps. And to turn on the Haditha Marines although they have not been convicted is something that offends people from any service, especially the Marines. Had they been convicted of the atrocities of which they are accused, then he call the killings “cold-blooded” or “monstrous” or “swiftboaty” or whatever he wants to call them. Marines who do not follow their vows have dishonored the Corps. But doing so, even before a trial has been convened, is a cheap political stunt.

Especially when he’s cozying up to Code Pink (left), an organization that has harassed troops and their families at Walter Reed.



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