Iraq War Is Aquanet For Islamic Radicals

So, an intelligence brief was released over the weekend (well, the publicversion of it) and it basically concludes the Iraq war has increased the role of violent terrorism around the world. (The White House isn’t so sure, but they’ve seen the classified section, we haven’t.) My basic reaction to this: No duh?

Again, what people have lost sight of is that this War on Terror is actually a war of liberty. The people in charge believe that installing democracies around the world will lessen the incidence of terrorism. Considering the hard-core Muslim clerics seem to come from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and Malaysia, just to name a few, the conclusion can be made that the Western countries don’t generate radical Islamic preachers, nor do the followers of those imams pledge jihad and blow themselves up in bus terminals. So the reasonable conclusion is that by westernizing the Arab world, they will become more civilized and less likely to generate radical thinkers and followers.

I covered the entire reasoning for the War on Terror here.

What amazes me is the shock here. We invade Iraq. Sure, that’s going to piss off the Islamofacists, and it’ll fire up the radical clerics to increase recruiting for the terror organizations. In addition, we’re out there saying terrorists are bad, so the natural instinct for the brainwashed, ignorant Muslim in Iran, or Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia is to hate America, so they become terrorists. I’m not saying that they’re all ignorant. What I will say is that their education process is carefully controlled by the imams running their schools, and the mosques they attend also preach vitriol, so what we end up with is a bunch of people who have been taught to hate because they can’t get a job from their crappy caste system, which means their poor, which means they’re angry. So, finding some young angry people to recruit is not going to be hard when people like Osama Bin Laden are lionized. They want to be the next Mohammed Atta, simply because they’ve been taught that such thinking is good.

I’m reminded of the commercials circulating in the Palestinian Authority that use children to recruit for Hamas and Fatah, all the while spouting hatred of the evil Joooooz. Education is carefully controlled there. The only way to break that control is through freedom, and that is what the entire GWoT is all about.

(As for the title of the post– Aquanet + Match vs Hair + Match= Aquanet makes it easier to set your hair on fire.)


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