Dems Win, Iraqis Lose

Dem. Rep. Charles “Let’s Draft!” Rangel, fresh off his “Don’t Tread on Bush” scolding of Hugo Chavez, hinted that he’d cut funding for the Iraq war– regardless of what the Bush Administration and the Pentagon wish, should the Democrats win a majority and Rangel gets the chair of the House Ways and Means Commitee.

With that, you have Johnny Murtha out there, badmouthing the Marines and posing with Code Pink. He wants to be Speaker, dontcha know? And Nancy Pelosi, current House minority leader, has already expressed her desire for a rapid withdrawl from Iraq.

So I think we can clearly see where a Democrat win in 2006 will take us– to a foreign policy disaster. But that’s what the party of the Chavez Liberal wants, right?


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