Hamas Hates Jews

There. I’ve answered Time’s “question” on “Why Hamas Resists Recognizing Israel.” Personally, I think it’s a no-brainer.

I want to pick up some choice bits from this slanted story:

But while most Muslims elsewhere break their Ramadan fast with sumptuous iftar meals, those unfortunate enough to live in the West Bank and Gaza are finding that they have less and less to put on the table come nightfall. That’s because they remain under a financial siege imposed by Israel, the U.S. and Europe, in the hope of forcing Hamas, the Palestinian ruling party, to recognize Israel.

It has nothing to do with Hamas spending oodles and oodles of cash on weapons instead of food. Butter & guns. But if you actually feed the population, they may forget that it’s the Jews who are making them starve. Hunger’s been an important tool in controlling how a population thinks and acts for ages.

The premise of the siege strategy appears to be that by increasing Palestinian misery, domestic pressure will mount on Hamas to submit or quit.

No, the premise of the strategy is that the Palestinian areas are denied normal relations with the outside world if they cannot conduct normal relations with established nations around them. Additionally, there’s a little bit of “Oh, and try not to commit to your charter and push the Jews into the sea, mmm’kay?”

[A public opinion poll] found 54% of voters dissatisfied with Hamas’s performance in government, the figure rising to 69% when it came to financial matters such as payment of salaries. Only 38% would vote for Hamas in an election now. But when asked whether Hamas should submit to the Western demand that it recognize Israel, 67% said no.

So, why can’t Hamas pay salaries? Because they’re shunting all that money to funding the militants and beefing up their military capacity. If they were interested in pursuing peace, then they might have more money to pay salaries. You see, the sanctions would then be lifted, and that would increase import/export commerce, allow aid to come through unrestricted, boost jobs, and put more money in the hands of the Palestinians. OOORRRR… you can just go on hating the Jews unconditionally.

Even the Arab League proposal that Abbas is demanding Hamas accept as the basis for a unity government offers only conditional recognition — the Arab states would normalize relations with Israel if it agrees to withdraw to its 1967 borders.

And we’re back to this. See, the Palestinians are angry they were “removed” from their land after WII. Well, they really need to check their history. Well, I did. A good timeline synopsis of Israel can be found there. Bits of useful information:

Palestinians fled Israel back during the formation of Israel, even though Israel offered a settler plan that included full citizenship and rights. They believed that their displacement would be temporary, as the Arab generals would soon overrun Israel and give them their land back.

Israel fought 3 major conflicts with its neighbors, each time securing new lands or keeping their own.

So, what you have here is people whovoluntarilyy “fled” in hopes their Arab buddies would annihilate Israel. When that didn’t happen they were stuck, pining for the land they left. So, instead of moving on, they settled for the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. As this wasn’t where they were living before, they became angry. Terrorist organizations promised them a return, but that didn’t happen. All the while they spend their time as political tools of the anti-Zionists, believing that the Jews are the source of all their problems, when, in fact, their circumstances were generated by their own free will. No coercion. No evil Jew trickery. Nothing at all to blame except themselves.

You know, Egypt recognized Israel, and now they have trade, normal relations, jobs– even a thriving tourist industry in Egypt for Israelis. And what does Palestine have? Two patches of dirt, bad food, a starving populace, and an undying hatred that will perpetually keep them in that state.

Hamas, Fatah– it’s time to move on. For the sake of your people. Let go the hatred of the Jews, forget the terrorism, and move on.


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