Laurie David on Being Fearless

(submitted 11:41 PM, 9/26/06, as a comment to Laurie’s post, “Remembering the Detroit Project” on the PuffingTons Host)

“It wasn’t long after that that I picked up a newspaper, realized it was hot out, and decided that it was all the fault of the SUV. And capitalism. Well, non-Hollywood capitalism. I mean, if Larry can’t buy me a Lincoln Navigator, then he’s at least going to buy me a diamond ring, a year of Pilates, and a nice mink.

“So I got together with Arianna on the Huffington Post and quickly published my articles on global warming. I was so proud to see my name in print, but then I read the comments and those same right-wing voices who were on the radio were commenting on my pieces! I was so scared. I thought they would set fire to my house! Imagine all of that carbon dioxide spewing into the atmosphere!

“So I called Arianna. She reminded me that I could make posts that used logic and reason to deflate my arguments– I could make those posts vanish! You see, they all come in ‘unapproved’ until I or my underpaid staffer ‘approve’ them. So, technically, I’m not deleting the messages of the right-wing hate-bots, I’m just not approving them– just like you shouldn’t approve of Patrick Michaels! If only I could somehow start approving the press releases of Bill Gray– then there’d be no criticism at all to global warming, just like there shouldn’t be!

“But I wanted to write this article about fearlessness for Arianna. She made me fearless– fearless to mute my critics by suppressing their opinions. Fearless to paint the right-wing as haters without giving any real examples. Fearless to sleep with a radio under my pillow, never afraid that it might switch 100 khz from Easy Listening to Neal Boortz! Thank you Arianna for the strength to cling to the First Amendment while denying that right to the neocon facists science deniers out there.”

Laurie David

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UPDATE: It’s lunchtime. Hey, my comment hasn’t appeared on Laurie’s post? Big surprise there. She must be “fearless” to unapprove my comment.


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