Nancy Pelosi: We’re Not Safe, and I’m Fearless!

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi showed up on the PuffingTons Host to do what Democrats do best:

Complain and offer no solutions.

She says:

Five long years. And what do we have to show for it? Not a single one of the planners has been brought to trial.

Many have been captured and their interrogations have given good intel, which has led to the capture of others. And we’re moving, slowly, towards prosecution, as the non-combatant terrorist has no real official status by which to prosecute them. The Democrats want them given Constitutional protections (even though they are not citizens). The Bush Administration would keep them holed up indefinitely. Me, I want them treated as spies. After all, they are sabotuers, and sabotage is a function of espionage. So let’s treat them as we did KGB agents we caught from 1960-1980.


We have a wiretapping program of questionable constitutionality targeting Americans without any kind of oversight.

The oversight is a computer which selects threat phrasology and filters by that. I think we want to know if Al Queda is contacting people in the US. Don’t you, Rep. Pelosi? Don’t you want to know what they’re saying?

For years, the President and the Administration have been using fear to distort the facts and frighten Americans into supporting their policies.

Speaking of fear…

The Administration is right about one thing: Americans should be extremely concerned about the security of our nation. But let’s be honest. Let’s address the facts. We did not invade Iraq to fight terrorism, as the President would now have us believe. Instead, we are less safe today because the war in Iraq has hindered our ability to make progress in combating terrorism.

Wait. Why did we invade Iraq, then? You can’t leave me hangin’ like that Nancy. Was it OIL? The rich treasure trove of Babylonian artifacts? A grudge against Saddam by Bush? What? WHY WON’T YOU TELL ME!?!?!?! YeeaaarrtrrrggghhhhhhH! We’re going to take back Texas!

I go into exquisite detail on why we invaded Iraq and how it ties into the GWOT way back here. In fact, I ask Pelosi hereself about the GWOT in a follow-up post. And the fact that she’s posting this fear-inducing piece on the PuffingTons Host where Arianna has her new Fearless meme running is a delicious irony. Who are we supposed to be fearless towards, Arianna? The evil machinations of the Bu$$$$Hitler, or Minority Leaders who say things like this:

As long as the President refuses to change course, and as long as the Republican Congress follows blindly in his footsteps, we will not be as safe as we should be.

Now, to you the voter, I ask– who’s got you more afraid?


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