Borat Gets The Stiffarm

Ali G creator Sasha Ben Cohen has a new character: Borat! Well, it’s not new. It’s been around a while. But it’s amusing, sort of in the way Weird Al is amusing. Borat is a Khazak, from Khazakstan, and he uses the character as a platform for, essentially, dumb redneck jokes.

But boy has it pissed off the leaders of Khazakstan.

The Prez of Khazakstan in actually in Washington this week. And so is Borat. He’s got a new movie out that he’s promoting, and he stopped by the White House to extend an invite to a premier to George Bush, “Mel Gibsons”, and “other American dignitaries”.

Yes, it’s OK to laugh. I did. I think Cohen’s Borat is very Andy Kaufman in his humor. Fortunately we have Ali G to remind us that the character is parody and not persona.

Well, the humor is lost on the Khazaks. Which is too bad. Borat has really launched a realtively unknown “stan” into the public spotlight. They should embrace Cohen and Borat, laugh, show they have a sense of humor, then say that their country is not that backwards. Tout is as a tourism draw. Borat’s put you in the national spotlight– embrace it!


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