Calling Out Michelle Malkin

You heard me Michelle. I’m calling you out. I want 10 zillion hits here, simply because I want to see Blogspot explode. But hey, if it can handle the Radio Equalizer, it can handle my blog. Hey, Brian’s calling you out, too! That way Blogspot has to handle twice the traffic! Ha, I’m an evil, bandwidth-wasting genius!

Seriously, though, Michelle should be proud she’s getting such attention after the publication of her last article. Especially in the form of this “photoshop” alterations. The truth of the matter is that the message of Michelle’s column isn’t being attacked, it’s the messenger.

This is typical of the progressive attack machine. By “exposing hypocrisy”, as they like to call it, they are forcing a change in topic. Nobody is talking about 9-year-olds wearing low-cut jeans and thong underwear. Instead we’re talking about whether Michelle Malkin looks good in a bikini. (I’m sure she does. She’s had a child and looks fantastic. Now everyone will be clamoring for a “Hot Air” segment from the beach.)

Essentially, Wonkette pays some lip service to the Malkin column, but in a passive manner. They say, “Well, yeah, I don’t want to see kids like that, BUT MICHELLE USED TO DRINK IN COLLEGE!” It’s like going to the doctor. The doctor comes in, says “You have to quit smoking or you’re going to die.” Then you say “Hey, you can’t tell ME what to do. You’re 20 pounds overweight, hypocrite!” Then you walk out of the office all high-and-mighty because you put that fat doctor in his place for not taking better care of his health. However, the major problem still remains– your smoking is killing you.

That’s what we see with the current attack on Michelle. Rather than get behind her and agree that yes, Bratz dolls are nothing but skank role models, the Wonkette and Is That Legal crew decide to use that moment to attack (possibly falsely) Michelle, yet do nothing to discourage Bratz dolls. Nor do they seem to complain about the lack of positive role models for young women. Instead they offer “Michelle’s a Slut!”

Michelle isn’t the first person they target this way. Any religious figure is eviscerated for any failing. Anyone who warns of moral corruption is, in turn, attacked for their own moral failings, although it does not invalidate the premise of their ideas.

I’m happy Michelle wrote her column. It needs to be said. And she should be proud that she’s being attacked in such a way. It means her message means something. Keep up the good fight, Michelle.


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