Wot R U up 2? 52/m/Congressman

So, even though Foley didn’t really do anything wrong with the 16 year old, he was certainly doing something wrong with other, maybe of-age interns. So, he’s gone. You can’t be a gay male politician and Republican. You just won’t get the money. So, see ya later, Foley.

As for the timing of this? Odd that it would surface in October. He was well-liked in his district. But it seems his opponent wouldn’t hesitate to play the politics of destruction, and Foley goes down the tubes.

What we can expect from Democrat bloggers & websites:

All Christian Republican men are secretly gay.

Another example of the hypocrisy of the Right.

Another “scandal” to add to the most corrupt session of Congress– ever!

That’s just a prediction. I’ll come back in two days and cite every single source I can glean off of Technorati that illustrates the absolute predictibility of the “tolerant progressives” in this country.


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