FoleyGate Roundup

My original post was going to find all the “GOP closet homosexual” posts on liberal outlets and then put them here for your amusement. But, as we know, the “bombshell” dropped yesterday that Hastert knew that Foley was IMming teenagers and telling them he wasn’t wearing any pants.

Way to be discreet there, Rep. Foley.

But once the news broke that “Hastert Knew”, the whole story became a “cover-up”. My initial reaction was, “What, are you guys that stupid? Did the Boston Diocese scandal not teach you anything?” Well, I read the report on what Hastert really did, and it wasn’t a cover-up.

The office of House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who earlier said he’d learned about the e-mails only last week, acknowledged that aides referred the matter to the authorities last fall. They said they were only told the messages were “over-friendly.” Rep. Thomas Reynolds, who heads the House Republican election effort, said Saturday he told Hastert months ago about concerns that a fellow Republican lawmaker, Rep. Mark Foley, had sent inappropriate messages to a teenage boy. Reynolds, a Republican from New York, is defending himself from Democrats who say he did too little to protect the boy.

Evidently, Hastert reported Foley’s activities to the authorities, who said they couldn’t do anything because nothing about Foley’s communication with that 16-year old intern was inappropriate. Now, however, other former workers for Foley are coming forward with other damaging IM conversations which Hastert has not claimed any knowledge of. However, it was clear that the Republican leadership told Foley to “cut it out”. That’s why Foley resigned so quickly. He knew the hammer was coming so the best thing to do would be to resign.

So, effectively, this is a non-story. The Republican leadership is doing the right thing. But what of the Democrats? Well, they’re using it for political fodder. Can you say “October Surprise?” I thought you could. Strange that something that transpired in ’05 would wait until October ’06 to explode. The timing is dubious, to say the least.

And the Lefty Blogosphere seems to be on the same page. “Hastert was covering up Foley’s molestations!” and other such accusations. From my Technorati search, and my browsing of the PuffingTons Host, I have a run-down of the latest from the left side of the Blogosphere:

Gay Hypocrite language:

Mark Foley and My Mother by Chuck Weinstock
How Mark Foley Represents the Entire Republican Party (Homophobe Closet Homsexual Hypocrites) by Stephen Elliot (part in parentheses added by me); Oh, and as far as this story goes, Steve-O gets the Aquanet Moment. He’s already got 3 posts up about it.
Republican Sexcapades: Meet the Real GOP by Cliff Schecter
Will O’Reilley Stump For a Law? by Steve (not the quarterback) Young
Down With Tyrrany has a post.
Mark Parent at LiveJournal has a hair-on-fire piece.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

More “conspiracy” posts here.

Alec Baldwin!
Cenk Uygur, naturally.
Robert Schlesinger. Really.
Steve Anderson, who really likes the word “Bastards.” (Not once used in print by him to describe any Muslim terrorists.)
Think Progress.
FireDogLake, here’s a bone.
Suburban Guerilla takes a shot at it.
And The News Blog has a post on it, too.
And Wonkette stopped obsessing about Michelle Malkin for a moment to post this.

Glad to see the DNC faxes are doing their best to get this talking point out the public.

Oh, and before I call it a well-deserved night, check out the Gun-Toting Liberal. Here’s a part of what he said:

As a sidenote before I continue: I am going on the record right now to point out that every Republican voter I personally know, i.e., just regular folks; ordinary American conservative voters, despise the stench of their once beloved Republican Party and are embarrassed about the crooked and hypocritical turn it seems to have taken under President Bush’s reign. Conversely, every Democratic voting liberal I personally know is equally embarrassed by their gutless Democratic Party (so-called) “leaders” whose rare ideas (versus boring littanies of complaints) focus on such things as smoking bans and nativity scene bans.

I’m not so sure they’re gutless DNC’rs, GTL. They’re just trying not to fall into the abyss of radicalism. As for the GOP Leadership, all I have to say is.. what leadership? Bigger deficits? Bigger government? That’s the GOP in Bizzaro world.


1 Response to “FoleyGate Roundup”

  1. 1 SteveAudio
    October 19, 2006 at 3:52 am

    Oh for the love of God! Of course Muslim (and any other kind of) terrorists are bastards. That just seemed, you know, obvious to me, like saying “Satan Evil! Film at 11!

    The people I call bastards typically are the ones who might not be thought of that way, and whom I feel are, indeed, bastards.

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