Over at the PuffingTons Host, Robert Elisberg poses the Mother of All Convoluted Questions:

1. How does the entire Republican agenda fit into your view of what America is supposed to be?

Now, Robert makes one assumption that pretty much kills his argument, and that assumption is that all Republicans think and act along the party line. Unlike radical leftists, that’s not true. (I kid, I kid– some radical leftists think shrooms are better than pot).

So, the question is phony on its face, but I’ll answer it anyway.

“The Republican agenda is not a great agenda, but perceiving America as the Democrat agenda is simply boneheaded. The Democrats believe in redistribution of wealth, touchy-feely foreign policy, liberal drug policy, liberal social policy, and having a nanny-state dictate to you what you can and cannot do, all the while wrapping themselves up in the banner of Freedom.

“The Republican agenda believes in tax cuts and allowing the economy to control its own destiny. It believes in equality through perserverance and education, as opposed to equality through government regulation. It believes in basic rights and freedoms should be applied upon all people. It is a firm foreign policy which properly uses America’s strengths rather than diddling those strengths away in treaties designed to make America weak. And it is a social policy that believes in restraint, adult conduct, and personal freedoms without infringing upon the rights of others.

“There are exceptions to both, and it’s clear that the modern GOP is not so much a conservative party as it is a poorly-crafted amalgam of New Republicans (old southern Democrats) and old-guard politicans, and the conservative ideals that once enshrined the GOP are now cast aside for better poll numbers and opprotunistic populism.

“That being said, the new Democrat party looks more like the party of Greens than the party of Kennedy. Extreme social programs are now cause celebre in the party. Force can never be used, ever, to solve foreign policy problems. And the core of the party is more concerned with Hollywood image than global problem solving.

“So, my GOP isn’t perfect. But the alternative would be a nightmare. So I’ll stick with the GOP and perhaps with my input and personal leadership, I can make a change.”


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