What’s New, Folegate?– WHOAOOAOAO

So much is happening with the Foley thing, it’s a mess to even try and sort it out, so I’m just going to throw out some links for anyone interested.

The accuser has been outed by an online “glitch” of ABCs (and, as it turns out, investigative work by a blogger who’s been pestering Malkin to reveal his name). I don’t get it. Let’s leave the accusers alone unless their story is absurd on its face. One thing we know in the age of spin is that all stories have some truth to them, regardless of how false they are on the surface. Foley is a creep. Creep picked on young men/boys. Creep is outed. Creep resigns. The focus of the investigation should be on the Creep. Why is this kid’s identity important?

It’s like all that attention Kobe’s accuser got. It’s unwarranted.

Radar online
thinks the StopSexPredators blogsite is bogus. I tend to agree. I think the whole thing is a political hit job. Unfortunately, it’s a hit job because Foley is a creep who was caught with his virtual pants down.

Hastert was on Rush yesterday and defended his actions. Sounds like the FBI investigated the email brought to Hastert’s attention, and found it baseless. Hastert warned Foley not to do anything like this again, and Foley did, so Hastert made Foley resign, and an investigation is being opened. I’m not seeing anything beyond the pale there.

FOX is reporting Foley was showing up drunk outside the page dormitory, demanding access. Ew. Ew ew ew. Imagine that creepy 60 year old guy you see on campus showing up in your dorm.

And your Aquanet Momenst of the day go to Sherman Yellen over at the PuffingTons Host. (My own moonbat commenter Brian C is a close second.) Sherman labels all Republicans as “Repedophiles”. Hilarious, no? Of course, if anyone called the left “Demopinkos” we’d be lambasted for questioning their patriotism. But calling 30% of the country pedophiles? Perfectly acceptable! Just remember, Sherm, I’ll be there with this post when the ACLU defends NAMBLA.

And number 2 Aquanet Moment winner is Amy Berg, who, naturally, equates the Foley scandal with the cover-up of pedophile priests by the Catholic Church. One guy, exposed & fired, and the Boston Diocese under Cardinal Law. Um, there’s no way you can possibly equate the two, Amy.

So, to Sherman and Amy, here’s a can of Aquanet and a barbeque flame to ignite your hair. Enjoy!


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