Malkingate: It’s not Malkin!

On minor scandal has filtered away into nothingness. Due to diligence by Sean Gleeson, it turns out the bikini-clad Michelle Malkin pic was actually that of another person.

I’d just like to point out what made this story so believable– that Michelle would indeed be smokin’ hot in a bikini. We’re all thinking it.

As for Wonkette– well, there’s “misreporting” a congressman’s political affiliation, then there’s just plain makin’ stuff up. And I just spent a horrible 8 minutes browsing Wonkette, and there’s nothing about a retraction. However, plenty of swearing to go around. Professionalism, your name is Wonkette!

Oh, and I found a new Aquanet Moment winner! It’s the Wonkette author (Parnee?) who posted the story “New Dow Record: Prepare for Poverty!” His evidence? That after three record highs, there were recessions and/or depressions!

Of course, that completely ignores every record high set as the DJIA launched itself from 2000 to 11700. With the exception of two.

Nothing like shooting the messenger, news good or bad.

So to you, Mr. Parnee (if it was you who posted that story– you really should have authors take credit for their work on your site), I award you a can of Aquanet and a BBQ lighter.


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