Aquanet Moment Monday!

North Korea gets a bomb. And naturally, the next question is “Who’s fault is it?”

Why, it’s Bush’s fault, ninny!

RJ Eskow and Kathleen Reardon get the doubleteam going, blaming Bush for his lack of brains negotiating, and his failure to follow the Impasse Flow Chart.


But, as absurd (and narrow-sighted) as that is, it’s not the Aquanet Moment. They’re close. But both RJ and Kathleen at least recognize there was a diplomatic failure.

And that failure is China’s.

The last thing China wants is a nuclear South Korea or Japan. Now that Kim Jong Il has “gone nuclear” (and we still can’t verify that yet), Japan and South Korea have little choice in the matter. And now China has local foes with nukes, and that tips the leverage table on their Taiwan Stance.

China had been putting pressure on North Korea to at least slow down development. And they couldn’t completely withdraw support from North Korea, lest the Pyongyang Lunatic thinks he’s all alone in the world. They were secretly hoping there was something that could be traded by the West for North Korean non-proliferation. And that little Catch-22 ended up sticking a fork in China’s eye. Act against North Korea, you abandon an ally. Act with North Korea, and you alienate the West and risk a nuclear Japan. So China’s inaction here has led to North Korean nuclearization.

Which brings me to Bob Geiger, Huffington Post contributor. He implies our troops would have been far better off attacking a country really developing nukes, like North Korea!

How quickly we forget the Korean War, eh, Bob? China would come to the defense of North Korea should the US launch an attack. Then you have two nuclear powers in direct conflict. And a possible nuclear exchange, especially if China decides to strike Taiwan as well.

So, Bob, here’s some U-235 and a neutron source, all molded together in a critical mass to make your hair one big, nuclear Aquanet Moment.


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