Little Kim, Big Boom?

Well, the wires are going haywire. Seems that the North Koreans have successfully tested a nuclear bomb! Welcome to the club! Unless, of course, you’re nothing but a bunch of POSEURS. Yes, I’m calling you out.

Typically when you do an underground nuclear test, there’s corresponding seismic activity. Well, here’s the USGS map for North Korea. I’ve placed it next to a map of the Aleutian Islands, one of the hotspots of the “Ring of Fire”, so you can see an active map and an inactive map. Those little yellow squares are earthquakes, and they’re not recent earthquakes, either. Orange mea
ns in the last day, and red in the last hour.

Unless they did it in a room full of fluffy down pillows, there’d be a blip. A small blip, mind you, but a blip, as the blast sends minute shockwaves through the earth’s crust. Notice that there’s nothing at all on the Korean peninsula.

EDIT: The old map has been replaced with the new USGS map showing the nuclear detonation.

There’s no test. It’s just posturing. I have an idea. Let’s send over a Polaris to Pyongyang so Little Kim can see what a real nuclear test looks like.

UPDATE: According to The Australian, the South Korean intelligence agency detected a 3.58 mag earthquake. Doesn’t say from where, but I’d assume they were talking about North Korea.

Odd that Japan, an island which is neurotic about earthquake monitoring, hasn’t picked anything up. Neither has the USGS. And if it was a 3.58, that would be big enough to be picked up by Japan and the US. If we’re picking up little tremblors near the Tonga Islands, we can get a NK nuker.

Malkin is on the story.

Update: USGS has updated their photo of North Korean Seismic Activity:

On a more serious note, Fox News is reporting that Lil Kim wanted a 400 kt test. That’s a biggie. The Hiroshima bomb was 15-17 kt in yield. If Lil Kim is using fission tech and not fission/fusion, then he’ll max out at about 500 kt (and it would be one dirty dirty bomb). It would be more effective to test a smaller bomb, as fission weapons give lower yields, and it’s a more manageable reaction. But, since when has Lil Kim done anything reasonable?

UPDATE: Well, the new USGS map is up. And it’s a real one this time. Lil Kim did get himself a nuke, after all. As I’m linking the USGS post, it’s automatically updated. I’ll retract calling him a PoSeUr and instead call him a megalomaniac.


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