Equal Opportunity Folicle Immolator

Focus on the Family has thrown its hat in the ring then set their hair ablaze in a conservative Aquanet Moment.

Check it out:

The ricochets of the Foley scandal continued to whistle overhead this weekend. As a guest on Fox News Sunday I again raised last week’s report by CBS’s Gloria Borger about anger on Capitol Hill that “‘a network of gay staffers and gay members protect[ed] each other and did the Speaker a disservice'” in the Foley scandal. On Friday, an internet site quoted a “gay politico” observing that “[m]aybe now the social conservatives will realize one reason why their agenda is stalled on Capitol Hill.” Sunday’s New York Times revealed that a homosexual former Clerk of the House of Representatives, Jeff Trandahl, was “among the first to learn of Mr. Foley’s” messages to pages. The Clerk’s job is described as a “powerful post with oversight of hundreds of staffers and the page program.” This raises yet another plausible question for values voters: has the social agenda of the GOP been stalled by homosexual members and or staffers? When we look over events of this Congress, we have to wonder. This was the first House to pass a pro-homosexual hate crimes bill. The marriage protection amendment was considered very late in the term with no progress toward passage. Despite overwhelming popular approval, the party seldom campaigns as the defender of marriage. The GOP will have to decide whether it wants to be the party that defends the traditional moral and family values that our nation was built upon and directed by for two centuries. Put another way, does the party want to represent values voters or Mark Foley and friends?

So much hair, so little time.


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