The Autopsy Midseason Tv Scorecard!

The axes are flying!

“Smith” on CBS is dead. They should really get some cheap, sucky reality TV program and stick it in that timeslot. Nothing CBS puts there has ever had a chance. “Boston Legal” and “Law and Order: SVU” rule that time. I’d just give up until one of those other shows gets yanked/moved.

What did I say about it?

Smith: Ray Liota’s on TV! Ray Liota can’t do squat against “Boston Legal” and “L&O SVU“! Don’t make him get Joe Pesci. Well, he may want to call him up to commiserate when Smith gets tossed before November. Sorry– same thing happened to “Threshold” last season.

Oh yeah baby.

As for Fox and Vanished, looks like they’re moving it to Friday to eventually “Vanish”. That’s where FOX banishes shows to die, so long as they’re not reality shows.

I, unfortunately, called this show for the season, but Vanished may not even make it to December. I called this over “Heroes”, and that show is doing very well.

Vanished: I have caught 2 episodes of this show, and it’s OK. Nothing special. It doesn’t have the suspense factor of 24, and it mainly comes from scriptwriting which has been formulaic and sub-par, and it really hasn’t been boosted by the actors. It will get a full season, with a possible renewal, considering “Heroes” and the “Bachelor” air opposite it. Again, like “Prison Break”, it will suffer most from being opposite the CBS comedy line-up. FOX’s idea to start the season a little early for this show may help it if enough of the people skipping reruns get hooked.

I did call “Kidnapped”, however.

Kidnapped: “Heist” occupied this timeslot as a midseason replacement, and as replacements go, it was pretty good. However, it died a horrible death in the ratings. So will Kidnapped. Gone in December.

“Happy Hour” on Fox is floundering. It’s funnier than “The Class”, but not nearly as funny as “‘Til Death”. But it’s got tough competition across the board, and the lead-in from “‘Til Death” just isn’t propping this up. Fox will return the show, but it can’t last where it currently is. What did I say?

Happy Hour: I’ve heard nothing about the show. But I just watched the preview. Looks OK. But, it’s up against the “Office”. It all depends upon Brad Garrett. I’m thinking it lingers, disappearing and reappearing, until May rolls around, before it’s gone for good.

And what about winners? Aside from missing Heroes? Here’s what I said about “Jericho”, and here’s the last spread from Wednesday:

Jericho: Everyone is coming out with continuous storyline shows, similar to “24” or “Lost”. I’m thinking this one will be the most interesting of the new blood. Battling two poorly-marketed shows on NBC, “Dancing with C-list Celebrities” and “Bones” on Fox, “Jericho” has a good chance to be the clincher for a Wednesday night trifecta for CBS.

It’s already taken one week, but now that “Lost” is back, and the “Dancing with the Stars” results show is pounding everyone else, “Jericho” is only coming in second with around a 6.8 share, which is decent. I’m still amazed “Dancing” does so well. What did I say about dancing?

Dancing with the Stars– Evidently this is popular. Like leprosy in the time of Christ.

Ha! I love that line.

As for the prediction I’m most happy to be wrong about:

Ugly Betty– I’ve heard nothing about this show. No buzz = no network support. Battling two heavyweights (My Name is Earl/The Office) and Survivor. I’m sorry, Betty, but your interesting premise and poor timeslot will land you cancellation by May.

It’s far better than “Earl”. It’s more “real” than “Survivor”. It’s good TV. I’m happy it’s doing so well. Watch the rating slide. Currently it’s holding at a big 9.5 ratings share, which is great.

So, I’m doing pretty well as far as predictions. We’ll see what happens in November.


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