Study finds post-war Iraqi Casualties: 41 million

According to a new study, the number of post-Iraq invasion deaths are now estimated to be 650,000 more than there would have been had Saddam still been in power.

This result came from a statistical method known as “cluster sampling”. It estimates 500 people a day in Iraq are killed by violence, disease, or other factors caused directly or indirectly by the invasion of 2002.

According to the article, the Johns Hopkins research who oversaw the research, said:

“We’re very confident with the results,” said Gilbert Burnham, a Johns Hopkins physician and epidemiologist.

Of course you are!

So, when the “news” is “reporting” that “only 80 civilians were killed” in a local bombing, they’re really shortchanging that, and 420 more civilians were killed by the Bu$Hitler’s Death Squads.

That’s an inordinate amount of people to die a day. Think about the magnitude of that. 500 people a day. And bear in mind this is not a constant figure. Some days it may be 50, others it may be 1000. I think that “1000 Die One Day in Iraq” would be headlines somewhere.

These results are horribly goofy. You can just tell by the sheer numbskullery involved here, to certify such an absurdly high number as “confident”.

You’d have to be an anti-war nutcase to think this was a real number.

Oh, guess what: nutcases! Nutcases! Nutcases! NUTCASES!

Oh, and check this nutcase out you nutcases in case you believe the nutcases who published this nutty story.

MORE: Hot Air.


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