Too Much Consumin’!

Over at the Independent there’s a story on the 300 Million Americans and how we spell doom for the world because all we do is consume.

We are the Pac-Men of the 21st century.

To quote the article:

On a global scale the average US citizen uses far more than his or her fair share of the planet’s resources – consuming more than four times the worldwide average of energy, almost three times as much water and producing more than twice the average amount of rubbish and five times the amount of carbon dioxide, a major contributor to global warming. The US – with five per cent of the world’s population – uses 23 per cent of its energy, 15 per cent of its meat and 28 per cent of its paper. Additional population will mean more people seeking a share of those often-limited resources.

Considering most of the world has little energy, poor water purification, and no vehicle, that makes sense. But read into what the author is complaining about. “Americans have too much stuff! Look at how wasteful they are! If they could only live like the Bushmen of the Kalahari!”

They are complaining that America is the one country that’s got their act together. There’s no great sectarian violence driving us apart. We aren’t‘ recovering from years of mismanaged economy. We don’t impose Sharia law. Yes, America is a great place to live. And our prosperity gives us the ability to use the energy, fuel, food, and water we need.

Also note the jab at Global Warming. Notice how it ties into the American economy. Now put the two together and you get the real complaint: “If America would just stop being an economic powerhouse and regulate itself into malaise, then it would all be good!”

But wait, there’s more!

“America is the only industrialised nation in the world experiencing significant population growth,” Victoria Markham, the director of the Centre for Environment and Population (CEP), says in a new report. “The nation’s relatively high rates of population growth, natural resource consumption and pollution combine to create the largest environmental impact, felt both within the nation and around the world.” She adds: ” The US has become a ‘super-size’ nation, with lifestyles reflected in super-sized appetites for food, houses, land and resource consumption. ‘More of more’ seems to characterise modern-day America – more people than any generation before us experienced, more natural resources being utilised to support everyday life and more major impacts on the natural systems that support life on earth.”

If Americans would only stop reproducing. I mean, China has it right. Kill all the children after the first. That really keeps a cap on the population. And if America would stop this “Abortion is Murder” vibe, then they’d all have the abortions they need to keep themselves at 0.6 children per household and not consume resources.

Lester Brown, the director of the Earth Policy Institute, an environmental group also based in Washington, said: “In times past, reaching such a demographic milestone might have been a cause for celebration – in 2006 it is not. Population growth is the ever-expanding denominator that gives each person a shrinking share of the resource pie.

Assuming the resource pie is static. If each person contributes to a growing resource pie, then each person will get a bigger piece. Note that this ties into welfare and social programs. “The Government won’t be able to redistribute wealth as well to keep low-income people sated enough to not revolt.” Great philosophy there, EPI.

“What China is teaching us is that the Western economic model is not going to work for China and if it will not work for China it will not work for India and in the long-term … it will not work for us as well,” he said.

“China is teaching us that a Communist Dictatorship that strictly controls the marketplace is the way to go. I don’t know why people don’t want to live in a Communist Dictatorship.”

Glad this article came along, though. It really ties in what the Progressive really wants– to throttle the American economy enough that it puts the country in place with other economies.


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