Drobs is Back! And He’s Got a Malloy In His Pocket!

Yes, Sheldon Drobny is back. He’s taken the time to post over at the PuffingTons Host and let everyone know about his new venture into syndicated Progressive talk radio.

What’s interesting is the timing. It’s merely a few days after he pulled out of Air America and let the “Best Thing That Ever Happened to Radio” go belly up. (Although, there is a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy to keep it on the air.)

Technically, Shel didn’t “pull out”. AA imploded even though he had his hand out with a whole wad of cash. Instead, it was forced into bankruptcy by the evil people he mentioned. Even though AA is still on the air (didn’t notice it was gone, didja?) and it is being funded by some illuminati organization.

There is one constant, however. It’s that you can’t scoop Brian Maloney. As always, Radio Equalizer is a fun read, and will keep you up to date with the total insanity plaguing the Air America implosion.


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