Lil Kimbargo

The US was critical of China’s softening of the UN resolution denouncing the NorK Nuke Test (which has been “confirmed”— but it may have been a far smaller blast than they had hoped for).

Well, don’t fret, US. China may be inching towards sanctions after all.

(Why do I feel dirty when I link to the NY Times?)

Which is good. Think they’ll start opening up those boxes once Japan tests one of their own?

The Chinese aren’t stupid. They should also know that a nuclear Japan is their worst-case scenario. One) it means the economic giant to their east will be a military giant, and two) it’s sure to awake the giant monsters!

Giant Monsters aside, the Chinese have to act faster to pull on Lil’ Kim’s leash. He’s bit the neighbors far too many times as it is, and now it’s time to whack him with a rolled-up scroll of rice-paper.

So, my question, once the US and French start searching North Korean vessels, how long before the NorKs fire a missile at an allied ship only to have it hit Japan?


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