Bono’s a Bad Repbublican! Bad! Bad Repbulican!

I don’t think Bono from U2 would call himself a Republican. But his latest tax move is very Republican indeed:

After Ireland said it would scrap a break that lets musicians and artists avoid paying taxes on royalties, Bono and his U2 bandmates earlier this year moved their music publishing company to the Netherlands. The Dublin group, which Forbes estimates earned $110 million in 2005, will pay about 5 percent tax on their royalties, less than half the Irish rate.

Of course, he’s being criticized because he’s moved the company out of Ireland, where he’s also asking for more African support from the Irish.

Bono, the rock star and campaigner against Third World debt, is asking the Irish government to contribute more to Africa.

Now he’s being called a hypocrite. How dare he & the other U2 band members move their company to avoid paying taxes! I bet if they called him a “Rethuglican” or “Bu$$$$$Hbot” he’d get be motivated to move it back.

Here we see the outrage that only those truly ingrained in the socialist mindset would feel. U2 moved their money out of Ireland because the tax was too high. It’s a smart business move. I hear they’ve even outsourced their office staff to India (totally unsubstantiated rumor). But they are being criticized because their company will no longer be shelling cash to the Irish government.

The heat he gets is from his global Help Africa initiative. Bono’s a shrewd individual, and he’s really done his research on Third World poverty, and he’s actually petitioning Western governments for debt forgiveness with some success. The man’s spent time & money & blood & tears travelling to Africa and Capitols around the world, attempting to call to light the atrocities and medical epidemics that plague the poor people of Africa.

He’s not standing up, giving speeches to a protest rally in Red Square in Seattle while the masses shout slogans while sipping thier $4 Starbucks coffee. His awareness starts with government and he pitches it as an economically smart thing to do. When you are lobbying those in power or with money, you have to make the point that changing the policy would be a good thing, economically or politically. Simply saying, “Hey, man, Globalization is wrong!” while reeking of pot is simply not going to change many minds.

But, Bono’s broken a rule. Regardless of the fact he’s still paying personal income tax in Ireland (20% on the first 28,000 Euros (about $35,000 US, or $7000 tax) then 42% on the rest), as are the rest of U2, he’s depriving the government of tax money that may be used to help Africa.

So you’re bad Republicans, Bono & U2, for shipping your company out of Ireland. How dare you! Don’t you understand the Irish government wanted to spend your money on useless social projects?


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