Socialists Don’t Like You…tube

So the EU is exploring ways to completely regulate themselves out of competition with the rest of the world.

The latest push is to pull internet video and cell-phone streaming content providers under the umbrella of EU regulation. Currently, internet video, like YouTube, and video phone content providers act outside of normal broadcast regulations because they’re not regular broadcasts.

The EU wants to change that.

The Commissioner of Media of the EU had something to say about internet video:

Viviane Reding, the Media Commissioner, argues that the purpose is simply to set minimum standards on areas such as advertising, hate speech and the protection of children.

I hope he’s not equating advertising with hate speech and child porn. Certainly sounds like it.

But, let’s cut him some slack and illustrate this for what it really is: the government telling you what to think.

Liberals/progressives/socialists, anyone in favor of a greater government presence in your life, all rally whenever something “hate-motivated” happens. I can understand Germany’s scar about hate speech. That wound is still tender. But instead of hearing hate speech, the EU is determined to stop it– telling its citizens what to think (or, more appropriately, what not to think).

In a free, liberated society, freedoms are precious. One of the greatest freedoms we have is the Freedom of Speech. We can say whatever, whenever. Well, except if it’s internet video. Or if it’s hate speech. And if it’s internet video hate speech, double whammy on that.

As much as I dislike hating (I find it an emotional drain usually based on an unreasonable assumption), people should be able to say whatever they want, however offensive, so long as its not libelous or scandalous. If we suppress this speech in any way, we are allowing exceptions into the Freedom of Speech, and that opens the doorway to other exceptions.

What if the EU decided any speech which was critical of Muslims, Islam or Muhammed, was “hate speech”, and couldn’t be carried in print, video, or public assembly? Don’t think it’s happening? How big of a jump will it be for an EU legislator to think, “We don’t want any more riots– so dump on the Muhammed cartoons!”?

It’s insane to try and regulate a medium, especially a global medium, and apply your rules and regulations to a company that’s not even in your domain. And how do you spot legislative insanity? Why, call the law something it isn’t!

The draft rules, known as the Television Without Frontiers directive, extend the definition of broadcasting to cover services such as video-on-demand or mobile phone clips.

Television Without Frontiers. I love it. It’s like calling the imposition of martial law “Freedom with Soldiers!”

The British are opposed to it. And it seems clear that the excitement of the EU is quickly wearing off, replaced by the realization that United Socialism is not necessarily a good counter to the United States.

(H/T Michelle Malkin)


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