Contagious Aquanet Festival!

It’s been a few days since we’ve had a good Aquanet moment. Now, I bring you a classic. It originates on YouTube, and it is in regards to the Michael J. Fox ad for Claire McCaskil. For those who don’t know, M.J. Fox is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Essentially, the chemical in the brain that allows cells to efficiently communicate is reduced as the cells that make it die.

Don’t worry. McCaskil’s not setting her hair on fire. Neither is Michael J. Fox.

But there is a commenter, one of 456 commenters, who said a particularly dimwitted thing. Here’s what gringott12 said:

This dude is a Canadian. Why is he in the US talking to Congress, faking being American? Because we need to fix him up, all our resources are to go to him, because he has a problem. Go to Canada, they have socialized medicine, maybe they can help you. Oh, that’s why you are here. I get it now.

He makes a jab at socialists who think socialized health care is the way to go, when the rich and ill in Canada come the US for treatment. I’d have more sympathy for M.J. Fox, but he’s using his illness to conjure sympathy and then, in turn, spin that as political capital for a politician. Hey, once you’re in a political ad, you’re fair game. The press has shown us that much.

So, the worst we can call gringott12 is a troll. 99.999999% of the time, he’ll spin off an argumentative tangent on a message board that will inevitably link M.J. Fox with the Nazis (Godwin’s Law).

Unless, of course, that comment catches the eye of James Boyce, marketing rep extraordinaire and blogger at the PuffingTons Host! So, Boyce, in a moment of hair-ablaze insanity takes gringott12’s jab– and makes it all about Jesus! Sometimes it just too easy.

Boyce sums up his obscenity-laced rant with this gem:

Wonder where we would be if the millions we spend every hour in Iraq were spent on stem cell research?

Well, John, they we wouldn’t be killing people in Iraq. We’d be killing non-people in the name of research! Whew, it’s a good thing we totally ignore science (that a fertilized egg is a earliest form of human) to support science (growing embryonic stem-cell lines)! Who needs ethics? Bah! They just get in the way of good science.

What really gets the ol‘ flame going is that Boyce, at least in his most recent posts, never really responds to the comments on his posts. But he picks out one comment out of 400 over on YouTube and decides to lambaste a commenter talking about socialized medicine!

Man, if I used this blog to rip commenters over on the Yahoo! Message Boards, I’d have material for millenia. But what would the be point?

As the sign says– don’t feed the trolls. Unless it’s Aquanet and Sterno.


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