October Surprise: Everyone’s Gone Nutty!

Up is down. Black is white. Old is the new new.

Welcome to Bizarro world, where the strangest things happen.

First, Nancy Pelosi, according to Drudge, is saying that the Democrats are going to make the economy top priority. I swear I’m not making this up. GOP scandal, deficit spending, unpopular war, North Korea, Iran, corruption– and all she can come up with is the economy? The one big birght shining spot of the Bush Administration? It’s insanity.

Now Bush is out there saying he’s not “stay the course“. Anyone with half a brain knows he has been “stay the course” since the invasion. What Bush did here was blow an opportunity with his “never been stay the course” line. He should have said “Staying the course is the same as completing the mission, George. It doesn’t mean indefinite deployment.” But, Bush is horrible in the public forum, and it’s just proven again here. The insanity is that someone thought that getting the Prez on Stephanopolus’ show was good idea. Well, cosnidering the ratings it gets, Bush could have said he’s pen pals with OBL and nobody would really notice, except Think Progress.

Condoleeza Rice, on the Sean Hannity show, said that the Axis of Evil used by Bush to describe Iraqi, Iranian, and North Korean regimes was accurate. The insanity of it? She’s quoting me! Condi, you have better things to do than read my blog. Now get out there and ramp up a campaign for 2008.

Finally, in something that’s got to make women feel much better, it’s the “Dual Use” act, where transgender men can use mens’ OR ladies’ bathrooms on the NY subways.

Strange happenings, folks.


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