That GOP Senator Blowing His Nose is Racist

Well, I’ve seen it all. The NAACP has gone bonkers, probably from pressure from the DNC to come out against a particularly effective GOP ad run against Tennessee Senate Candidate Harold Ford, Jr.

Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it, courtesy of HotAir & YouTube.

And here’s the response from the NAACP:

“It is a powerful innuendo that plays to pre-existing prejudices about African-American men and white women,” Hilary Shelton, head of the Washington NAACP office, told the Los Angeles Times.

So, let me get this straight. We are supposed to be an integrated society where race doesn’t matter. However, when it is implied that a woman and man of a different color express interest in relations, it’s wrong? Or is it wrong in just political commercials?

We are supposed to be a colorblind society where everyone gets an even shake, right? Then what does the color of the woman matter? And if that will only motivate racists to vote for Corker (Ford’s opponent), seeing as how the Republicans are chock full of racists, it’s only playing to the base, right?

I think the funnist bit about this blowup is not the feigned indignation about racism, but the total lack of objection to the statements that Ford Jr. will tax the dead & marriages, deny gun rights, and give privacy rights to terrorists. The biggest objection? “It implies white women hit on Ford!”

It’s bonkers. Straight out bonkers.


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