5-Alarm Aquanet Moment

Fueled by complete Bush Derangement Syndrome, we present– Tony Hendra of the PuffingTonsHost in full Aquanet Moment Pyschopathy!

The stated problem is that the assassination of a President shouldn’t be depicted on screen.

OK, except that the President in question is the most hated man on Earth. The unstated problem therefore, is that the ruling junta doesn’t want billions of Earthlings – including far too many Americans – wallowing in the collective wish-fulfillment of seeing the cretinous coward choke to death on his own blood. Assassination must not be exploited.

In other words, craven kowtowing to a President who climbed to power exploiting the three thousand American citizens assassinated by his own negligence – or connivance. Such craven kowtowing shouldn’t be blamed however on the admirable, hardworking and chronically underpaid folks at NPR, who’ve fought to keep their baby healthy throughout the deadly years of the Bush Plague.

…These odious reprobates are the quintessential foxes in charge of the chicken-coop – though sadly in Cheryl’s case, not a very foxy fox. Tomlinson made his righty rep demonizing NPR stalwart Bill Moyers, for his deplorable tendency to take Christ at his word on matters like poverty, war and environmental rape. Similarly Halpern came to neo-con prominence by waging war against NPR for its deplorable tendency to report on Palestinians as if they were remarkably similar to actual human beings.

What’s Tony on about? NPR, the paragon of the Righty Airwaves, controlled by Rush Limbaugh’s Pill Pusher and KKKarl Rove themselves!

Seriously. When you consider NPR to be the mouthpiece of the Republican Party, you’ve gone so far left you’ve fallen off the planet.


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