Sam Harris Always Appears at Halloween

Coincidence? Or diabolic conspiracy. Here’s the photo taken by the AP photog Johnathan Alcorn of Sam Harris standing outside of a church, one normal, and the other the negative which has been obtained by “The Autopsy”:

It’s uncanny! And just to prove authenticity, the negative print actually states “This was in no way altered by a Paint program owned by the facilitator of the Autopsy.”

So, Sam Harris is the Devil. It saves him on Halloween costumes. Does he even celebrate Halloween? How do you justify that? “I don’t believe in all of this religious nonsense. But I’ll be dressing up as Ben Stiller for All Hallow’s Eve.”

Well, I’m ripping on Sam Harris because he’s got his own little laudatory spot in the WaPo today as the “Atheist Evangelist“.

Harris’ first quote in the article is a doozy:

“There is this multicultural, apologetic machinery that keeps telling us that we can’t attack people’s religious sensibility,” Harris says in an interview. “That is so wrong and so suicidal.”

Nobody’s been attacking Christians at all, Sam. Or Jews.

And there’s more:

“If the Koran were exactly the same,” he said, toward the end of the night, “and there were just one line added to it, and the line said, ‘If you see a red-haired woman on your lawn at sunset, kill her,’ I can tell you what kind of world we’d live in. We’d live in a world where red-haired women would be killed often. We’d live in a world where people like yourself” — and here Harris gestures to his opponent, Oliver McTernan — “would say, ‘That’s not the true Islam.’ Twenty women in Baghdad would have their heads cut off and someone would come forward and say, ‘This has nothing to do with Islam. Some of them were strawberry blond. Some of them were strangled.”

Harris’ biggest flaw is his broad, sweeping generalizations. Everyone who believes in God is an idiot, he proclaims. It’s a great way to attract those way from the faith.

Another fun bit: Harris’ “revelation” came while doing what– trippin‘ on X.

What he’ll say is this: At age 19, he and a college friend tried MDMA, better known as ecstasy, and the experience altered his view of the role that love could play in the world. (“I realized that it was possible to be a human being who wished others well all the time, reflexively.”)

No degree, but he did have a fun-lovinEcstasy experience.

“I could have told you what is wrong with religious dogmatism on September 10th,” he says. “But after 9/11, I realized the role that religious moderation played in providing cover for fundamentalism.”

So a bunch of crazy Muslims attack the United States, and it becomes “every religion is wrong.” I can’t help but notice that Mr. Harris is adopting a fundamentalist turn towards atheism. Perhaps it is not unexpected after 9/11, that some people would become polarized. Mr. Harris is just polarized in a different directing than most.

And he wants you to give up your belief. You see, your religion is just like racism.

“Massive social change is clearly possible,” he says in an interview. “Look at the way we have transformed our attitudes about race. There’s still racism in this country, but it’s profoundly disreputable.”

Towards the end, we see Mr. Harris at his finest:

“We have to start seeing religion for what it is,” he says, “a failed science, a failed description of the world, a holdover of discourse by our ancestors, who had no basis to demand good evidence and good argument.”

Yep. No wisdom can be imparted from previous generations. What is fascinating about Mr. Harris is his ability to immediately contradict his statements and sound completely rational. Notice he says religion is a “failed science.” How does science progress? Through observation, experimentation and conclusion that is passed on throughout the ages. So by discarding the “holdover of discourse by our ancestors”, we would be ditching the entire history of scientific analysis. That only what we did today would have any impact on what happened today, and that what happened yesterday is antiquated.

I think it’s telling what one of Harris’ fawning fans says:

“For years, I thought there was something wrong with me,” he says. “I was always asking ‘Why don’t I get this? Why don’t I get this?’ And then last year I read ‘The End of Faith,’ and Sam basically explained it to me — there is nothing to get.”

To quote The Usual Suspects, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”


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