Sore Losers already making excuses

We haven’t even had the election yet. And guess what? The Dems are already crying “voter irregularity”. Well, unless that irregularity is reported by Republicans, at which point, it’s bogus.

Just ask James Boyce. I read his post today because he didn’t swear in the title. He actually is trying to “rally the troops”, so to speak. But he couldn’t resist adding this gem to his post, showing just how close the lighter is to his Aquanet-soaked locks:

Note: On Thursday November 2, HBO will show its new documentary “Hacking Democracy.” I haven’t seen it yet, but its basic premise is that 80% of votes in the United States are counted electronically. And that these systems can be easily hacked.

But Boyce isn’t the only one.

Steve Anderson blows the Diebold on a Republican Secretary of State candidate.

Trey Ellis thinks Hugo Chavez’s foray into electronic voting machines will be a good counter against Republicans. Always nice to have dictatorial megalomaniacs on your side.

Brad from the Brad Blog is all over it. Good thing he’s against Big Voting Machines like he is against Big Oil and Big Tobacco.

And I predicted it way back in September. If they lose, blame the machines.


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