It’s a Feminist-Eat-Feminist World Out There

Jane Hamsher over at the PuffingTons Host is slamming NARAL because they’re endorsing Joe Lieberman.

It seems like the Lieberman “desertion” (really, it was abandonment) has led to vicious infighting in the ranks of the Democratic Party. Once the Party of Choice, now it seems to be the Party of Our Choice and If You Don’t Like It, You’re In Trouble, Buddy!

Jane says:

NARAL is also endorsing Republicans Rob Simmons and Nancy Johnson in CT, and as Katha Pollitt points out, this is insanity. Or it would be to anyone actually interested in defending a woman’s right to choose in this country. I’m just not convinced this is Keenan’s top priority, and I think with good reason.

Well, not really Jane. Insanity would be blind endorsement of Ned Lamont, coupled with a frothing anger towards George W. Bush. I think even NARAL is scared away from the base, and that’s quite a feat!


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